(A B C D E G H I)

  1. ATTITUDE: towards Peer group, Lecturer and college property, positive attitude and self esteem.
  2. BODY LANGAUAGE: Eye contact, Hand shaking, facial expressions, Gesture and Posture.
  3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS( Refresh): Speaking skills (starting a conversation, introducing oneself & others, greeting & leave taking, wishing well, expressing thanks, expressing likes & dislikes, one to one and public ,Offering and responding to offers ,requesting and responding to requests ,congratulating ,expressing sympathy and offering condolences ,expressing disappointment ,asking questions and giving polite responses ,apologizing and responding to an apology, making complaints , persuading ,warning , asking for and giving information/opinion , giving instruction , asking and giving permission ), Listening skills, and Writing skills in English.
  4. DRESSING/GROOMING: Personal Hygiene, Dress code.
  5. ETTIQUETTE: good manners, office, telephone and cell phone etiquette.
  6. GROUP DISCUSSION: K A S H (knowledge, attitude, skills and honesty) Do`s and Don’ts, knowledge, leadership and team work, taking initiative.
    HARD SKILLS: Motivate to clear each semester exams and acquire hands on technical & specific skills.
  7. INTERVIEW TIPS & TECHNIQUES: before interview, during interview, at the end of interview, Do’s and Don’ts.


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