Institutes providing Diploma in mehcanical tools and die engineering

Technological revolution is rapidly changing the face of manufacturing sector in India. Today, we’ve ever-high demand for professionals proficient in IT technology, communications, mechanical and what not. And the good thing is competitive geography of India and low-cost production advantage convincing global players to set up their full-fledged manufacturing facilities and start operations in India at full throttle. However, to meet out the global markets expectations, businesses involved in manufacturing have put a great emphasis on continuous improvement in technology, which is possible only after having highly-skilled individuals on a micro level throughout the organization. Interestingly, this stress has led to the inception of new curriculums and the best part is none of the fields is untouched from it. One such development in the field of mechanical engineering is specialized diploma in mechanical tools and die engineering.

No surprises that many of you’ve heard this course for the first time. It’s actually offered by only a few institutes in India, like JKP Polytechnic in Sonepat, and a few government educational institutions. It is the branch of engineering that applies the principles of physics and material science for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical system and tools. It covers the production and usage of making design for the tool, production and operation of machines. To imbibe the learning in the nerves, one should have understanding of the core engineering concepts including mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, jigs and fixtures, press tools, forging dies and plastic engineering. And thanks to extensive use of computer aided manufacturing processes, tool and die engineers design and analyze precise parts, equipments and machineries.

That said, over and above all theoretical learning what is crucial to do during the learning process is extensive hands-on practice. Hence, we strongly recommend you to check out tools, machinery and the labs an institute is providing before you enroll for the course.